Spain is the land of fiestas or festivals. In every single city, town and village there is a festival of some kind which gets all the townsfolk out on the streets partying with their neighbours. In Madrid, an unusual ceremony called El Entierro de la Sardina (literally, the burial of the sardine) takes place. A large number of people get together to observe a centuries old annual Spanish tradition of burying a dead fish. This popular manifestation was first captured for posterity and made famous by Spanish painter Francisco de Goya in an oil painting of the same name, “El Entierro de la Sardina”, dated between 1812 and 1819.

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images,photos,lifestyle,madrid,london,photographer,strobist,capturing,photographyLifestyle Photography Is Real.

Lifestyle Photography has been around for as long as there were cameras, but it was called Photojournalism and was mostly seen only in the newspapers. During those times, most Portrait Photographers captured their subjects posed and “perfect”.

True Lifestyle Photography, however, is more than taking candid shots. It is about capturing images that reveal a story. A personality. A relationship. A feeling.


Biniam Ghezai photography

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The succession of cultures that one-by-one set foot on the Iberian peninsula have each left a lasting mark on every facet of Spain’s culture: language, music, art, architecture and, of course, food. In fact, many people are surprised to learn just how much of a delicious melting pot Spain really is.

Biniam Ghezai photography

Travel – Portrait – Lifestyle photographer based in between Madrid and London.


Clash Between Thailand Police and Protesters.

At least four people were killed and 64 wounded in Bangkok yesterday when Thailand’s riot police tried to evict anti-government protesters from camps across the capital.

Several other people were injured by a grenade, including a journalist from Hong Kong, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities are debating whether to continue their “Peace for Bangkok” operation on Wednesday, Thailand’s national security council chief said. Thailand’s civil court is also due to rule on the government’s use of the emergency decree, which gives authorities the right to detain protesters and hold them in custody for one month without charges.

Biniam Ghezai photography

Portrait, travel, lifestyle photographer based in between Madrid and London.


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Spain Limits Human Rights of Ex-Cuban Prisoner

The Cuban exiles are part of a group of 115 former political prisoners and 647 of their relatives released to stay in Spain, an  agreement between Cuba’s Communist regime and the previous Spanish government headed by Socialist José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

Of them, 32 have since left Spain and currently live in the United States, while the rest remained in the country and received an 18-month stipend channeled through the Red Cross and other non-governmental organizations.

Biniam Ghezai photography

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Portrait, Travel, Lifestyle photographer based in between Madrid and London.


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