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We talk to a lot of photographers.

And although we get many compliments on our websites, we also hear from a lot of people who want a “portfolio” section that mimics a lot of the great Flash-based websites out there. The key components seem to be a very simplified interface with a limited number of galleries in a slick presentation.

We resisted the idea for a few years because there were some good options for photographers already, and we had numerous clients who had integrated a Flash-based portfolio site into PhotoShelter successfully. But Flash isn’t without its problems, and asking people to integrate sites can be pretty onerous.

Then a few months ago, a few things came into convergence. First, we came across Typekit, which gave us really cool web-based fonts that could be used to create dynamically driven menus, and second, we continued to adopt more contemporary AJAX code which allowed us to create animated websites without the need for Flash.

PhotoShelter is great for creating tons of online content, but sometimes you want a different way to highlight your best images and galleries. The Portfolio option makes it easier than ever. It’s also a great way for photographers who do a lot of commissioned work to present their best images to prospect for new work while delivering current projects in private galleries.

Setting up your Portfolio is easy. From any of your galleries, click the “Feature in Portfolio” link.


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