Military in charge of spanish air space

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“The prime minister has signed an order giving the Ministry of Defense control of air space in the whole nation until there are guarantees that (civilian) air traffic controllers will provide normal service,” Deputy Prime Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba announced in a nationally televised statement.Due to massive neglect by air traffic controllers of their jobs, air traffic in Spain has been interrupted. Aena recommends that all passengers not go to airports and contact their airlines.Many of the stranded passengers sent twitters or called in to newsrooms describing how they were stuck on planes on airport tarmacs. This included families with young children trying to set off on a vacation over the long holiday that continues in Spain through next Wednesday.This irresponsible decision is causing serious disruptions in air traffic in Spain. The decision to halt air traffic in the country is extremely serious that, besides being a very serious offense that is punishable by disciplinary dismissal of air traffic controllers, who refuse to work, could constitute a crime under Article 409 of Penal Code.

2 thoughts on “Military in charge of spanish air space

    1. Hi Cherokeebydesign,
      how are you?You are right,something is wrong.It sound that the pilots are going on strike near Christmas time.In this country they have the longest holidays and less productivity.Take care.

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