To be a travel photographer ……..

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“When I go to a place I tried to capture it in a very natural way, try not to force it so much, half the time it really depends on the location, some places are just beautiful as soon as you see them some other ones you have to find  that beauty, let it evolve. Each place is unique  so I try to tell that story but giving little vignettes of that place.”

Be yourself. In the end, travel photography is very much about the photographer’s style and vision. Bring your own perspective, make yourself stand out. And don’t give up! Angeles, again, helps us out here” “Dont give up. Keep shooting, keep showing your work, promote your work, make sure people see it. Always make sure your work is being seen.”

Natural light, natural light, natural light! This is a biggie; your goal as a travel photographer is to show the best of the place. And that means showing it naturally. Why light a room when you can have natural light streaming in the window? When in low-light situations, use fills, use long exposures. Travel is about charm, and charm is not achieved with a strobe (unless you are very careful). This is the same for gels. Be very careful where you tread.

Produce a range of imagery, in terms of subject matter. Food, portraits, landscapes! You’re telling the story of a place, and a place is multi-faceted. Find what is special about the place to you, and let the story evolve. Wander about and try to shoot a bit of everything– remember there is no one set formula. If the location means something to you, if you have a clear perspective– it will come through in your imagery. You want the viewer to feel as if they are there with you, enjoying that local goat cheese.


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