Would you live in the country side?

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The delightful singing of the birds nearby, the soothing sound of rustling leaves and being away from the noise and hassle of city life… all these and more invites many people to live in the countryside.

But what really is it with living in the countryside that gives it an edge over city life? Why would many people nowadays seem to dream of the simple life in the countryside and considering leaving city life behind?

Many people from the rural areas also have city life dreams and aspirations. Opportunities seem to live more in the urban areas than rural areas. But recently, what’s happening seems to be the reverse, that is, people from the city are dreaming of building a new life in the countryside.One can still enjoy a higher quality of life in the countryside and still enjoy the advantages of living in the city like electronic gadgets and high tech jobs. With the Internet, travel and information across the miles is just a click away. Whether you are a simple, peace and nature-loving person or you’re more of the modern, trendy type of a person, you can still enjoy the countryside.

Being physically healthy often leads to good mental health. A study even showed that people residing in the countryside have slightly better mental health than people in the urban areas.



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