M-15 are leaving Sol ……….

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Protestors in the ‘Movimiento 15-M’ in Madrid have agreed to break camp in Puerta del Sol next Sunday, June 12th, although some representatives of the movement will remain in situ and their function will be debated in a meeting today.

In a meeting called at 8pm last night, in which hundreds of people took part, the majority of the “indignados” were in favour of breaking camp, but agreed to respect the wishes of those who opted to stay put.

“The constitution will be maintained even though the camp has been wound up”, their spokesperson said, underlining the intention to continue with the work of the ‘Movimiento 15-M’, principally in the form of steady local meetings as have been held over the past few weeks.

As far as those who decide to stay put in the Puerta del Sol, a meeting will be held today in order to debate the function they will have and the subsequent transformation of the camp.

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