Back to 120 Film.

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Great idea! I’ve shot film for 20 years! Love it. I also shoot  digital. What fun. Let’s encourage camera artists to rediscover the joys of film and let the pros and cons fall where they may. I believe in using the best tool for the job.There’s just something about the tangible nature of film and the snap of a real mechanical shutter.

I am often described as one of the last living dinosaurs. I think the endless discussions about film vs. digital photography completely miss the point that they really are two completely different artistic media. True, both (usually) start with a camera, and (usually) end with an image on a piece of paper, but the technology and process for creating the image are completely different. I like the slow pace of working with film – 120 film in my case. It forces me to slow down and really think about what I want the photograph to look like – a quality that, in my humble opinion, is missing from a lot of digital work. I think my work is better for it.


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