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Choosing a portrait photographer

I’m sure choosing a portrait session can be a daunting task, especially when there are literally 100’s of photographers out there trying to attract your eye.

You’re looking for a style of portrait which will suit you, or the person you’re giving them to and create memories which will last for years. There are so many photographers out there all wanting to attract your attention, and with people following the latest camera or photoshop trickery trends I bet everything merges into one big mass of flashy websites blinking away at you. 

Personal style:
Everyone is unique and has different styles and tastes.  A good portrait photographer is one that is keen to get to know you and understands your personality and visions of the portrait.
What style of portrait do you envision?  Is it traditional, candid or romantic, or do you prefer an image that is more photojournalistic?  What style would best capture your personality?  Is the photographer flexible enough to experiment with lighting, poses, locations, etc?  It’s important to let the photographer know what you have in mind.


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