From Jazz to Afro-Cuban and Latin


Jerry Gonzalez was born in 1949 in Manhattan, on 58 street and 3ª Avenue, and moved to the Bronx at the age of 4. He was raised in a strong musical atmosphere, with the strains of Latin, Afro-Cuban and jazz music always in his ear, establishing his musical appreciation and molding his future work as an artist.

Gonzalez popularity rose after his contribution to the movie Calle 54, directed by the Oscar awarded Fernando Trueba, where the main names of Latin jazz participated: Tito Puente,Paquito D´Rivera,Gato Barbieri,Dave Valentin.

  This has not been the only collaboration of Gonzalez in movies, he participated in Crossover Dreams (León Ichaso, 1985) with Rubén Blades and Virgilio Martí, Piñero (León Ichaso, 2001) and chapters of Sesame Street. After the premiere of Calle 54, in 2000, Gonzalez relocated to Madrid.

You can read Jerry Gonzalez article on Portray Magazine and the link is


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