Underground BMX Competition


BMX riders are always searching for new thrills and places to ride and this month will see them hit up a metro track in Madrid for the biggest BMX event in Spain: a free and open contest, which lands underground on March the 24th and 25th in Madrid, Spain.This weekend will see Red Bull Metro Pipe, one of the largest international BMX competitions, take place in Madrid. For the first time in history, the city will host the event in Chamartin Metro station on a course custom designed by Sergio Layos.

Although Spain has some of the best international pro BMX riders, including Sergio Layos, so far the capital has not hosted any urban sports events. Red Bull Metro Pipe aims to change this dynamic by bringing some of the best international riders out to compete on this unique course. The combination of skilled riders and the unusual location promises to make for an exciting competition.

The elite BMX riders will not only have to show that they are a phenomenon on their bike, but also work with their partner in the struggle for victory and the € 5,000 in prizes at stake for the top three winning teams.

Full text from Red Bull page.


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